Cembalo and Organ

In addition to his conducting, Johannes is a Basso Continuo player on harpsichord and organ and has performed some of the most notable choral works.

Konzerte (Auswahl)

Dezember 2011
»Weihnachtsoratorium«, Johann Sebastian Bach, Chorgemeinschaft Irschenberg,
Leitung: Hans Billo

November 2010
»Requiem«, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Chorgemeinschaft Irschenberg,
Leitung: Hans Billo

Juni 2008
»Der Messias«, Georg Friedrich Händel
Chorgemeinschaft Irschenberg und

April 2000
Gastspiel im Tschaikowsky-Saal des Konservatoriums, Moskau
»Johannes-Passion«, Johann Sebastian Bach
Marburger Bachchor,
Leitung: Wolfram Wehnert

Rehearsal pianist

Johannes supports singers of arias and art songs as accompanist. He works with students who have applied to music college and are preparing for their admission examinations.

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